January 3rd, 2012


What, Already?

I can't believe the Iowa caucuses are today! Didn't we just do this? How are we already bearing down on the next presidential election?

Anyway, if I were voting in the GOP primaries, I would be seriously annoyed that these are my choices. I'm not the world's biggest Obama fan--he has not proved himself to be a great leader, in my opinion; he would do well to bring the fiery, driven Obama we see on the campaign trail into the White House--but there isn't a single alternative whom I think would be better. Romney? Please, he's faker than a Canal Street Gucci. Gingrich? I would sooner poke out my own eyes than vote for him. Perry? Paul? Santorum? Bachmann? They're straight-up jokes. Huntsman? He at least seems rational and moderate, but I still don't share any of his political philosophies.

It's early days yet, but I'm thinking that just like 2008, this will be Obama's race to lose.