December 30th, 2011


The Naming of the Books

Each year since joining LiveJournal nearly a decade ago, I make it a tradition to post a list of the books I've read between January 1 and December 31. It's partially for my own benefit, as I like to make lists, and partially because the majority of my readers here on LJ enjoy talking about books. (Though not as much as they enjoy talking about movies and TV. I'm onto you, LJers!)

So, after the cut below is my list for 2011, presented in the order in which I read them. As always it does not include short stories, magazines, or individual comics issues, though it does include graphic novels/trade collections and chapbooks.

You'll notice there are far more books on my list this year (34!) than in years past. Re-introducing a daily subway commute to my schedule has created a lot more reading time in my life, and for the first time in years I feel like I'm not stuck under a TBR pile that feels insurmountably tall. Sure, there are still probably hundreds of books on my shelves that I haven't gotten to yet (and nine new eBooks that were Hanukkah gifts for my Kindle Fire), but now at least I feel like there's a chance I might actually get to them all.

And now, the list!

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