November 17th, 2011


I'm On Fire

My new Kindle Fire tablet is amazing! I downloaded a free eBook with some Edgar Allan Poe stories, just to test the purchase system and the device as an eReader, and the whole process was easy-peesy. The backlit screen did not hurt my eyes.

The eBook itself was a mess, though. Someone had adapted it for the Kindle very poorly, with accented letters turning into strange symbols instead, and at least one line fully cut off. Disappointed, I deleted it from my device. (And from my cloud!) Lesson learned. Not every eBook ostensibly for the Kindle will have been formatted properly.

But I'm already in love with the thing as a new toy (it's entirely designed for media consumption; the Fire isn't for doing work on) and can't wait to explore it further.

Always the Bridesmaid

Once again, I was inexplicably passed up for People's Sexiest Man Alive. Congratulations, Bradley Cooper, if that's even your real name. How does it feel to know you're just a pretender to the crown?