November 15th, 2011


Forcibly Evicted from Zuccotti Park in the Dead of Night

On the one hand, this is what civil disobedience is all about. It's not just about breaking the law, it's also about being arrested for it in order to draw attention to the injustice of the matter. Arrest me for sitting at the wrong lunch counter. Arrest me for not sitting at the back of the bus. Arrest me for a public sit-in over financial and political inequalities.

On the other hand, a middle of the night eviction by the riot police? Reporters forcibly barred from the scene, accosted, or, as was the case with one New York Post reporter, put in a choke hold by police? A city councilman hospitalized with police-induced head injuries? Reports of tear gas, pepper spray, and beatings? Tens of thousands of private property items belonging to the protestors--including medication and over 5,000 books--trashed or destroyed by the police? It's counterproductive. In fact, it will only sway public opinion toward the protestors and away from the cops.

Remember when those mounted policemen rode into Cairo's Tahrir Square, guns blazing and swords swinging? Didn't work out too well for them, either. But sometimes it seems like those in power just never learn. They make the same mistakes over and over again.

Horsebot 3000, Noooooooooo!

“Community” fans were met Monday with the cold news that the show was not on NBC’s midseason lineup.

The show hasn’t been canceled. Network sources told the Hollywood Reporter that “Community” will return at an undetermined date in the future. But the New York Times’ Brian Stelter is not optimistic about its future: “Its chances of being renewed next year are painfully low.”

The TV Nerd is saddened beyond belief by this development. Community quickly became must-see TV for me, and as a sitcom it rivals 30 Rock and Arrested Development in its brainy, oftentimes nerdy humor. The D&D episode was an instant classic, as was the first paintball episode, and Inspector Spacetime made me a fan for life. I hope word of its demise is premature.