September 23rd, 2011


You Never Know Who's a DOCTOR WHO Fan

Once in a while, the Doctor shows up on other TV shows. The Tom Baker incarnation has appeared in the background of The Simpsons numerous times, for example, and other popular shows have tipped their hats to everyone's favorite Time Lord as well--sometimes overtly, and sometimes as thinly veiled homage.

To that second category we can now add last night's excellent season premiere of Community, which introduced us to British science fiction TV legend Inspector Spacetime!

Dipping My Toe Into Google+

I've gotten pretty fed up with Facebook's constant tinkering and increasing invasions of privacy, and judging by the news out of F8 today it looks like things are only going to get worse over there, so I'm moving to Google+. I'm already inordinately happy to see that employing the return key while writing something there does not automatically post it before I'm ready. I look forward to discovering many other simple, common sense improvements over Facebook's constantly evolving nonsense.

If you're on Google+, you can find me here.