September 8th, 2011


More "Zombies vs. Robots" News

Remember a while back when I mentioned that my story "The Sorcerer's Apprenticebot" would be appearing in an anthology set in the world of IDW Comics' Zombies Vs. Robots?

Well, here's a link to the official press release announcing the project and who's in it. Just look at the names of the writers involved:

John Shirley, Nancy A. Collins, Rio Youers, Brea Grant, Steve Rasnic Tem, Amber Benson, James A. Moore, Rachel Swirsky, Norman Prentiss, John Skipp & Cody Goodfellow, Dale Bailey, Amelia Beamer, Jesse Bullington, Simon Clark, Lincoln Crisler, Stephen Dedman, Rain Graves, Rhodi Hawk, Robert Hood, Stephen Graham Jones, Nicholas Kaufmann, Steven Lockley, Nick Mamatas, Jonathan McGoran, Joe McKinney, Gary McMahon, Mark Morris, Bobby Nash, Yvonne Navarro, Hank Schwaeble, Ekaterina Sedia, Sean Taylor, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Kaaron Warren, and Don Webb. It's like a who's who in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror field!

For such an intentionally silly concept, I think this anthology is going to rock. And if you like robots, zombies, and Shakespeare's The Tempest, "The Sorcerer's Apprenticebot" is for you!

No word yet on a release date, but I hope to have that information soon.