August 2nd, 2011


Mania's Top 20 Greatest Horror Writers of All Time, Part Two

Back in June, you may remember I wrote a blog entry about how Mania's Top 20 Greatest Horror Writers of All Time didn't include a single female author. No Mary Shelley, no Shirley Jackson, no Angela Carter, nada. At the time, I posited that it was an oversight born of an institutional blindness toward female horror writers rather than any sort of personal sexism of the author's.

Well, the author of the list found the blog entry (Google Alert is your friend!) and decided to weigh in with an explanation as to how he came up with the names on the list. While I appreciate that, unfortunately it's clear that he buys into the same institutional blindness with statements like:

Nothing against women writers at list of the top Fantasy writers has several females on it...I just don't see any female author who can supplant any of the names on this list. Ask the average horror fan to name the top horror writers and I'd hazard to guess you'd be hard pressed to get most people to mention any female writers.

It makes me wonder who he asked!

And also, there's this gem:

Mary Shelly? Shelly doesn't deserve it any more than Bram they both wrote one notable piece of work.

But because Dean Koontz and Richard Laymon wrote more than them, they're more deserving of being called the Greatest Horror Writers of All Time? Say what now? (Also, it's spelled Shelley, folks.)

Looks to me like someone could use a bit of learning. Let's see if we can (respectfully!) broaden his horizons in the comments, shall we?