July 19th, 2011


The Dark Visions Reading, and My Necon Schedule

The Dark Visions reading last night at the KGB Bar was so much fun! It was an honor to read there again, and alongside three such talented authors whom I'm happy to also call friends: Chesya Burke, Livia Llewellyn, and John Langan. It was a great crowd, very receptive, and with a few happy surprises in attendance, like my friend Sam from high school, and two other friends, Jason and Candice, whom I didn't know were coming. Also, my aunt-in-law Stephanie won the raffle and received a bag of rarities and oddities by all the authors--including a porno mag with a story of mine in it! Awkward! Dinner at Grand Sichuan afterward was, as usual, a highlight. The whole evening was so amazing that all of us left strongly tempted to make Dark Visions a regular horror/dark fantasy/suspense reading series. If only we knew someone with the time to coordinate that!

In other news, Alexa and I are off to Necon this weekend. If you'll be there--and why wouldn't you be?--here's where you can find me on the programming. (You can see the full list of programming here.)

9:00 a.m. Mini-golf (Necon Olympic Event)

(Yes, Alexa and I will once again lose gracefully to our golfing partners, Melinda Thielbar and Richard Dansky. But it's about spirit, not scores, just like the real Olympics. Right?)

9:00 a.m. The Let’s Wake Up Nick Kaufmann Necon Debate — Are the classics of the horror genre still relevant in the modern age? Nick Kaufmann, moderator. Team A: James Roy Daley, Lisa Manetti, Gary Frank, Lois Gresh . Team B: Hal Bodner, Hildy Silverman, Morven Westfield, Tracy Carbone. In the grand Necon Debate Tradition, Team A will argue that the classics are relevant, while Team B will point out how modern horror has left these classics behind. At the 30 minute mark, the two teams will switch positions.

(Sigh. One of these days, I'll get Chris Golden and Craig Shaw Gardner back for this unfortunate tradition they've started of putting me on early morning Saturday panels. My plan may or may not involve rabid weasels and steel boxer shorts. As for the topic and structure of the debate, I'll reserve judgment until we see how it goes, but fair warning: you'll have a hard time convincing me the classics aren't still relevant!)

8:00 p.m. Scary-oke with Douglas Winter and Craig Shaw Gardner — Be afraid. (Followed by Something Else.)

(I don't plan on singing. I'm just there for the Something Else. Ahem.)

"Pulpy Fun, Full of Viscera"

I only just found out about this because I'm behind the times, but Ellen Datlow shows a little love for Chasing the Dragon in the "Summation 2010" chapter of The Best Horror of the Year, Volume 3, in, of all things, a paragraph about how zombies are still popping up all over. Here's what she say has to say:

Chasing the Dragon, a short novel by Nicholas Kaufmann (ChiZine Publications), has zombies in it too, although these are animated by a dragon that reincarnates over many lifetimes and is always hunted by a "George" (of St. George and the Dragon). This George is female and a mess--a junkie who can barely keep herself together, let alone save the world. Pulpy fun, full of viscera.

Yay! A pleasant surprise!