June 23rd, 2011


I'm the Victim

Over at SF Signal, Lee Thomas interviews me for his column, Be My Victim. (Any column whose title references Candyman is okay by me!) Our topic? Awards and awards season, which we seem to be in the thick of, at least in the horror writing field, with the recently announced Black Quill Awards, the just-announced Bram Stoker Awards, and the forthcoming Shirley Jackson Awards.

So come join the discussion about what awards do and don't do, why they're silly and why they're great, and hear me launch a thousand controversies with statements like:

The atmosphere around most writing awards is thick with desperation. Routinely, every year, I see people post to Facebook or their blogs or message boards all the work they've published that year that is eligible for the Nebula awards. Not necessarily worthy, just eligible, as if to say, "Here, voters, go seek out all of my work and nominate away!" No one seems to realize just how desperate they look when they do that.

Yes, I'm talking about you! (When have you ever known me to hold my tongue?)

And speaking of awards, the Shirley Jackson Awards, one of my favorites, needs your help. Please consider donating to their fundraising drive.