May 27th, 2011


My BEA & Dario Argento's Western

I had a great time at BEA this year! With a badge set aside for me by the kind folks at Papercutz, I got to attend the expo on Wednesday and spend time with Brett Alexander Savory, Helen Marshall, Stefan Petrucha, Rose Fox, Liesa Abrams Mignogna, Gary Frank, Nancy Holder, Ellen Datlow, Vince Liaguno, John Scalzi (whom I got to talk to Alexa, his biggest fan, on the phone!), Halli Villegas, Chandler Klang Smith, and many more. I filled my bag with a few free books too, but I didn't go crazy. We've already got too many books on our shelves at home.

Later, there was barbecue at Southern Hospitality, piano cabaret at Don't Tell Mama, and Brett busting out some breakdancing moves in public on the sidewalk. Brett's old school OG, son.

Needless to say, I love BEA and wish I could go every year!


In other exciting news, I just got wind that Once Upon a Time in the West, the Sergio Leone Western epic co-written by stabmeister Dario Argento, is coming out on Blu-Ray at the end of the month! It's almost enough to make me want to buy a Blu-Ray player!