April 18th, 2011


Win a Free eBook of CHASING THE DRAGON!

Interested in reading my Thriller Award- and Shirley Jackson Award-nominated novella Chasing the Dragon, but hate those pesky physical books with their crushing weight and papercut-inducing "pages"? Well, fret no more, because now you can win a free eBook of Chasing the Dragon! How, you ask? Why, through the Great CZP Review Contest, of course!

Here's how it works. Just post a review of any ChiZine Publications book on Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository, Chapters, or Goodreads--or repost the same review to all of them!--and receive an entry into the contest for each post. Just submit a copy of your reviews through the form provided on the Great CZP Review Contest page. You can enter as many times as you like by reviewing different CZP books and/or posting the same review to different sites. If you win, you can get a free copy of the Chasing the Dragon eBook--or your choice of any eBook from the CZP eBook library!

The number of prizes available per month will increase as the number of entries increase. At the end of the year, there will be a draw of all entries over 2011 for an annual eBook Subscription to CZP!

So what are you waiting for? Get reviewing!