April 1st, 2011


"He's telling you you're going to die tonight."

CNN is running a harrowing account of how the captured New York Times journalists were treated by Libyan forces during the week they were held. The way Lynsey Addario was treated as the only woman in the group is even more shocking.

I grew up in Westport, Connecticut, on a dead-end street called North Ridge Road with roughly a dozen other families. One family was the Addarios. I knew their daughter Lynsey pretty well, since we took the same school bus in the mornings and afternoons, but we weren't close friends, just neighbors. Still, I hate that this is how I'm learning what she's up to these days. I'm just glad she and the others are safe now.

April Fool's Day, Jokeless

Why do so many people hate April Fool's Day jokes?

All I'm seeing are blog posts and Facebook updates about how stupid, mean and/or unfunny they are. Really, people? Surely you can't all be so lacking in imagination as to not recognize the creativity and humor on display today.

It doesn't matter if the jokes work. What matters is that someone tried to make the world a little less dark today. Why squelch that?