March 31st, 2011

Godzilla Breath

Rondo Award Winners of 2010

The Ninth Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards have been announced! I know, I can't believe it's been nine years either, especially considering I hadn't heard of this award before last year. But as someone who loves classic horror movies, the more I hear about this award, the more I like it. Here are some of this year's winners:

BEST FILM OF 2010: The Black Swan

BEST TV PRESENTATION: The Walking Dead: "Days Gone Bye"

BEST CLASSIC DVD: The Complete Metropolis (The long awaited Vampire Circus release got an honorable mention. Yay!)


BEST RESTORATION: The Complete Metropolis

BEST COMMENTARY: Ray Harryhausen and Tony Dalton on the Jason and the Argonauts Blu-Ray

BEST DVD EXTRA: The Wolf Man Special Edition: "Pure in Heart" documentary

BEST INDEPENDENT FILM OR DOCUMENTARY: TIE: Aurora Monsters; The Lost Skeleton Returns Again/Dark and Stormy Night (Way to go, Larry! Also, I'm dying to see Aurora Monsters, a documentary on those old monster movie model kits I had as a kid!)

BEST SHORT FILM: United Monster Talent Agency (Greg Nicotero)

BOOK OF THE YEAR: The Art of Hammer: Posters from the Archives of Hammer Films by Marcus Hearns

BEST MAGAZINE (mass market): Rue Morgue (Congrats to my good friend Monica Kuebler and the rest of the Rue Crew!)

BEST MAGAZINE (fan market): Monsters from the Vault

BEST ARTICLE: "The Wolf Man: 69 Years of Terror" by Robert Aragon in Horror Hound #21 ("The Creature Incarnate (Paul Naschy)" from Rue Morgue #98, co-written by my friend Shade Rupe, was runner up!)

BEST WEBSITE: Dread Central

BEST BLOG: Frankensteinia (Stacie Ponder's awesome Final Girl blog got an honorable mention!)

BEST FAN EVENT: February as Women in Horror Month (conceived by Hannah Neurotica of Ax Wound Magazine)

BEST HORROR COMIC BOOK: The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and Charles Adlard

FILM MOST IN NEED OF DVD RELEASE OR RESTORATION: 1932's Island of Lost Souls (Apparently, this is the sixth time the same film has been named winner. I couldn't agree more, by the way. Come on, Paramount, bring this one out already!)

This is just a partial list. The full list, with plenty more awards categories, can be found at their website.


I handed in my first column for a new writing gig and the editor loved it. That's always nice to hear! I'll spill the beans when the time is right, but until then, there's this.

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