March 14th, 2011


The Engagement Party

Yesterday, our dear friends Sarah Langan and J.T. Petty opened their home to Alexa and me and threw us a wonderful engagement party. About forty of our closest friends and relatives were there to help celebrate. Reader, it was the best day ever!

We were having too good a time to take many pictures, but the ones we did take can be seen here. Unfortunately, we forgot to take any of the two of us together! However, we did get an amazing shot of Lorraine the bunny, so that pretty much makes up for it.

There was a keg, seemingly limitless pizzas, veggies, chips, dips, meats, and assorted gluten-free goods, including our signature gluten-free orange-cardamom cake. (At one point, there was also a spontaneous and slightly alarming knife show on the couch!) We had such a great time, and were really touched by all the gifts, toasts, and outpourings of love. We should have an engagement party every weekend!