February 8th, 2011


Second Spin

You may remember a while back I recommended a good place where you can sell your used books for cash. Well, I've made another Internet discovery, only this time it's for selling your used CDs!

Like everyone, probably, I found myself still in possession of tons of CDs I bought back in high school and college but only listened to once or twice before promptly ignoring them for decades afterward. Music is always nice to have, of course, but, like with books, there's only a finite amount of space for storing CDs. Sometimes you need to cull, and cull big, and for me that time came recently. But with music almost fully transitioned to electronic files now, CD stores have all but gone the way of the dodo, especially the ones that bought used CDs, and I didn't have the time, patience, or popular enough taste to throw a successful CD stoop sale.

So instead I poked around the Internet for options and came across Second Spin, a site where you can buy or sell used CDs, DVDs, and video games. They took all the CDs I was selling, even the ones that weren't all that likely to move again, and paid me promptly once they received the package I mailed. (They also reimburse you for media mail shipping.)

The cash they offer isn't a lot, though. More than a few of my CDs only sold for between 5 and 50 cents each, though a handful sold for as much as $2.50. That definitely makes Second Spin a good place for selling in bulk, but not a great one for selling just one or two CDs you bought but decided you didn't like. Half.com is still probably the best for that.

Anyway, I don't get any referral commissions from this one. I just thought, since everyone's CD collection could probably stand a good culling, you'd like to know. Check 'em out.