January 26th, 2011


Engagement (Or, As A 1980s Horror Paperback, The Engagening)

So, you guys, I'm engaged!

I popped the question last night at my apartment. I was nervous as hell, despite being relatively certain of her answer (she's the one who picked out the ring, after all). But still, I was nervous enough that I was worried I'd flub the words. So instead I gave her a box of pretty note cards, and inside each card I wrote something that I love about her. The last card read, "For these reasons and so many more...Will you marry me?"

Then I got down on one knee, gave her the ring and tried to actually say the words out loud, but I was interrupted by lots and lots of kisses. Finally, I got the words out--and she said yes!

We haven't set a date yet, though we're set on a City Hall wedding. Hopefully soon!