January 10th, 2011


The Trivia King Is Thankful for the D&D Monster Manual

Team Totally Tits did pretty well tonight. We were the core three--me, Mike O., and Kristine--plus surprise temp teammates Mary G. and Other Mike. I practically aced two rounds singlehandedly, the "TV Cops" round (thank you, lifetime of television watching) and the "Mythological Creatures" round (thank you, youth spent reading fantasy novels). With both of them, I pretty much told the other team members to chill, I got this. However, we still only came in fourth.

Actually, we tied for third, but we lost the dance off. Kristine, who danced on T3's behalf, was totally robbed. She was much better than the other team's dancer, but their team just cheered louder, I guess. So it goes.

The next bar trivia night is scheduled for Monday, February 14, but I'm honestly not sure who they expect to show up on Valentine's Day. I may have to miss this one!