December 6th, 2010


Where To Sell Books In Order To, Uh, Make Room For More Books

If you're like me, your bookshelves fill up fast, stuffed with more books than you would be able to read in a lifetime. It's not always overbuying, though for book nerds like me that is a serious problem (I had to put myself on a book buying moratorium years ago). No, sometimes they're books you got in a convention goodie bag, the kind you always thought you might read sometime, but then ten years passed and you realized all they were doing was taking up valuable shelf space. Or sometimes they're birthday or holiday presents, books you probably wouldn't have bought for yourself but didn't know what to do with after you tore off the gift wrap and thanked your friend. Whatever the reason, I suspect we all have more books on our shelves than we know what to do with, and sometimes we just need to clear some damn space for the books we really want.

Normally, I recommend bringing unwanted books to your local library. Not only is there a better chance that the books will find a more appreciative audience there, or even a new home in a library sale, but you can also get a great tax deduction for donating them (they let you deduct however much you want, too, within reason).

Tax deductions are great, but let's face it, sometimes you need cash in hand. eBay is a gamble, especially in this economy, and doesn't usually net all that much and the books can take way too long to sell. Then someone recommended Cash 4 Books to me.

I know I'm starting to sound like a commercial, but I dig this site. On the upside, they pay for shipping (not a reimbursement like, but with an actual, downloadable pre-paid shipping label) and send you a check after your books reach them. On the downside, they don't take every book you want to sell. A few of the books I wanted to sell, they weren't interested in. But still, it was worth it because I did sell them some, and it was quick, easy and painless.

If you're interested in selling unwanted books and making some easy pocket money, check them out. And please use this link because customers get extra cash for referrals!