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November 23rd, 2010

Doctor Who Day [Nov. 23rd, 2010|09:28 am]
International Bon Vivant and Raconteur
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In case you didn't know, today is Doctor Who Day! Apparently, some fans got together, independently of the Beeb, and decided to celebrate November 23 because that's the day Doctor Who's first episode was originally broadcast back in 1963--a stunning 47 years ago. There's even a Facebook page for Doctor Who Day. That's how you know it's official!

Anyway, in honor of Doctor Who Day, I give you this funny "Doctor Who Misinformation Guide" video. Enjoy!

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Ingrid Pitt, R.I.P. [Nov. 23rd, 2010|02:08 pm]
International Bon Vivant and Raconteur

British actress Ingrid Pitt has died at the age of 73.

I have many fond memories of Ms. Pitt. She starred in some of my favorite British horror films, including The Vampire Lovers, Countess Dracula, The Wicker Man, and The House That Dripped Blood, and she even guest starred in a couple of different Doctor Who serials, including one where she was the queen of Atlantis or some shit. God, she was great. Much more than merely a cult figure, she was in many ways the epitome of 1960s-70s British horror, the quintessential scream queen (even if she often played the villainess and rarely screamed in her roles), and arguably the face--not to mention the plunging neckline--of Hammer glamour. She was still working, too. According to IMDB, her latest acting credit was in a film called Sea of Dust in 2008.

I may just have to pop in my DVD of The Vampire Lovers at some point and pay my respects the great, the unsurpassed, and the inimitable Ingrid Pitt.
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