October 24th, 2010


Halloween Came Early

Halloween came early this morning with a long trek through the crypt-strewn hills of Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery. Luckily, it was too sunny out for ghouls to chase us, so it was actually quite pleasant. We only managed to see a handful of the famous historical figures buried there, but my favorite has to be Laura Keene, an actress who is famous for happening to be on stage at the moment that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. They say she rushed to his aid and cradled him as he died, but I kind of doubt anyone would have let her get near him.

Back home, Alexa and I made chocolate chip banana bread from scratch. To call it yummy would be an understatement. Chocolate chips, people. In banana bread.

Oh, and we came across this tombstone at Green-Wood:

See? In Brooklyn, even the dead are all about ironic indifference.