October 12th, 2010


Chasing More Reviews

Half a year since Chasing the Dragon was released it's still getting some love around the Internet. Two new and awesome reviews have surfaced recently:

1) A book blogger calling himself King of the Nerds writes: It reads fast but its brevity and machine gun pacing belie the surprising depth of the world that Kaufmann manages to evoke....Chasing the Dragon is a taught, superbly written tale falling somewhere in the middle of urban fantasy and horror that manages to defy most if not all of the convention familiar to those genres. (By the way, I thought I was the King of the Nerds!)

2) The Sylph and the Sail's review is comprised almost entirely of the best blurb ever: F*cking. Amazing. Nicholas Kaufmann, have my dragon babies. And then slay them.

Still don't have your own copy of Chasing the Dragon? No worries. It's available in both physical and eBook versions online or at your favorite bookstore!

I'm In It To Win It!

Matthew Kressel and Ellen Datlow, the hosts of the Fantastic Fiction Reading Series at the KGB Bar here in New York City--where I'm tentatively scheduled to read in February--are having another raffle to raise funds for the series. As usual, they've got some great items to raffle off, from rare signed books to professional story critiques to yet another of Neil Gaiman's used keyboards (how many keyboards does that guy go through?). The raffle officially started yesterday and will last until October 25.

The full rules can be found here: http://www.kgbfantasticfiction.org/kgb-raffle/

The full list of items being raffled off can be found here: http://www.kgbfantasticfiction.org/store/

However, here is a list of items I don't want you to buy raffle tickets for, no matter what, because I want to win them and I don't need the competition, capice?

+ A signed copy of Haunted Legends, edited by Ellen Datlow and Nick Mamatas, plus an ARC of same

+ A Tuckerization by Lucius Shepard, as well as a signed copy of the book in which said Tuckerization will appear

+ A Tuckerization by Richard Bowes

+ A signed ARC of The German by Lee Thomas (gay Nazi ghosts are the new zombies, you mark my words!)

+ A Tuckerization by Brett Alexander Savory (I'm hoping he'll either make me a dead pig or a leering clown!)

+ A Tuckerization by Joe R. Lansdale (please, please, please let it be for a new Drive-In story!)

+ A copy of the Phantom anthology signed by editor Paul Tremblay (preferably in pickle juice!)

+ A Tuckerization by Laird Barron (I'm hoping he'll make me an unspeakable entity, but I will accept being the guy said entity drives mad/eats/subjugates instead)

As you can see, I like Tuckerizations. Maybe it's because I think every novel or story would be greatly enhanced by a character bearing my name. Just think how brilliant The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Kaufmann would have been!

Anyway, go, buy raffle tickets and support this New York City bedrock of appreciation for speculative fiction and the folks who write it. Yes, even if it means preventing me from winning the items I want. *sigh* It's for a good cause, after all.