September 7th, 2010


Regarding Boston, Cambridge and Max Von Sydow

Alexa and I had a wonderful time this Labor Day weekend in Boston and Cambridge. We went last year at this time too, and it looks like this is becoming a nice tradition.

Among the highlights were seeing my college friend Emily Bell again after too many years of radio silence, listening to JoAnn Cox laugh until she cried about a few of the more alarming Boskone and Readercon attendees she's run into, making sure Paul Tremblay got lost in Boston's Theater District on his way to meet us, and going with Jack Haringa and family to his mother's place in Worcester for a BBQ. (I got to see Chez Haringa for the first time as well and marveled that someone actually has more books cluttering up his home than I do!)

Also--and this will amaze our friends who live in the Boston 'burbs and don't understand going anywhere on foot--on Sunday we walked from Cambridge, where we were staying this year, all the way to the other side of Boston, with a few laps around Faneuil Hall thrown in. Take that, lazy driving culture!

Thanks to Maggiano's Little Italy and Legal Seafood for showing us once again why you're our favorite restaurants in Boston. Also, big thanks to Newbury Comics for the $3.99 DVD of Max Von Sydow's greatest film: Dreamscape. And a $2.99 DVD of Telly Savalas' greatest film: Horror Express. Have I mentioned how much I love Newbury Comics' DVD sales?

I already miss Boston and our friends there, but we'll be back soon. Until then, I hope you Bostonites will come visit me in New York!