September 1st, 2010


General Slocum's Gold eBook No Longer Available

The eBook edition of General Slocum's Gold that was published by Lovecraft Press is no longer available. As of today, it has been removed from Amazon's Kindle store, and indeed should not be available from any other eBook outlets either. Please let me know if you see it for sale anywhere. If it is, I'm asking you not to buy it. This eBook edition is to be considered defunct, and any sales will be in violation of contract.

At some point--maybe once I'm sent the royalties I'm owed and an actual accounting of how many copies were sold--I'll tell you what happened. Until then, please, if you see any copies of the General Slocum's Gold eBook for sale anywhere on the Internet:

1) Let me know immediately, either here or by email at nick AT nicholaskaufmann DOT com.

2) Do not buy it.

Thank you, I appreciate your help. I hope to have better news about a General Slocum's Gold eBook re-release in the near future.