August 31st, 2010

Godzilla Breath

Wow Me With Your Words!

The Black Static Magazine and WHC 2011 Short Story Contest is now open for submissions! The guidelines and rules can be found here.

For some reason, the submissions email listed on the website is missing the final T in "contest." That's being fixed, and may already be fixed by the time you're reading this. In any case, be sure to send your submissions to WHCContest [at]

Please read the guidelines before submitting. I'm told a few people have already jumped the gun by sending in their stories early. Too bad those stories couldn't be considered. I'm told a couple of the manuscripts didn't follow the guidelines. Too bad those stories couldn't be considered either. Because the WHC administrators are much nicer than I am, though, they're going to let those authors resubmit with proper formatting now that the submission window is officially open. Me, I would have simply disqualified them. Because I'm mean.

Did I mention I'm also one of the judges? I am. Me and three other authors, all of whom are much nicer than me. Much, much nicer. Me, I'm a jaded horror reader at this point and have very high standards. So only submit your best stuff, okay? I want to be wowed!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got. But remember, you can't enter the contest unless you have a full or supporting membership to WHC 2011 first, so if you don't, you better get on that pronto!