August 16th, 2010



Over on his Facebook, literary critic/evil genius Jack M. Haringa has some nice things to say about Chasing the Dragon:

Fast-paced yet richly wrought, action packed and highly allusive, Chasing the Dragon by Nicholas Kaufmann is a slim little novel that packs a mean bite. And I'm not just saying that because we're pals; it's one of the better books I've read all year.

Don't forget, the book is still available from your favorite local bookstores, your favorite online retailers, and your favorite zap-the-book-into-my-telephone websites!

The State of the Writer

This month's credit card bill is larger than usual. It's nothing special, just a few extra things in prep for special events like hitting Boston over Labor Day Weekend and attending a friend's wedding out of state, but it was big enough to make me wonder how I was going to pay it off. Especially considering I don't like leaving a balance month-to-month.

Then, today, I received my royalty check for Chasing the Dragon, and I thought, "Oh. That should do nicely."

Sometimes--occasionally--being a writer doesn't suck.