July 29th, 2010



Over on my Facebook page --where most of the action seems to be happening these days, much to the annoyance of my poor, neglected LiveJournal page--I wrote:

It's rare for me to leave a movie theater all pumped up because the film I went to see just plain worked on every level. Last night, INCEPTION was that film. Thrilling, stunning, and marvelous. Dear Hollywood, more films like this one, please!

Twenty-three highly opinionated comments later--and counting!--I noticed something interesting. Friends whom I would have assumed shared the same taste came down on different sides of the movie. Some loved it as much as I did, while others thought it was mehhh at best (the words overcooked, overlong and predictable came up). One friend thought it was a total wreck, but he hates everything anyway. (Kidding!)

Sure, no film is flawless and everyone will react to a creative piece in their own way, but I found myself a bit surprised that friends with notably similar tastes would disagree so radically on this one film. Was it that INCEPTION was overhyped to the point where it just couldn't live up to some viewers' expectations? Is it a polarizing film in some hidden way I can't see? Is this just an example of "different strokes for different folks"? All I know is that personally I loved it from start to finish. What do you think?

(PLEASE NOTE: If you click over to my Facebook page, some of the later comments on the INCEPTION post contain spoilers.)