July 26th, 2010


HarperCollins' TWILIGHT Cash-In Fail

See if you can recognize which classic novel, repackaged "for the modern teen reader" by HarperCollins, is described in this cover copy:


With all the forces of the world conspiring to keep [Mr. X] and [Ms. Y] apart, how will fate manage to bring them together? It certainly won't be easy if they're fighting it every step of the way. But theirs is a love that was meant to be, despite all the odds against them.

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Doctor Who: "The Pandorica Opens"/"The Big Bang"

"It's a fez. I wear a fez now."

The two-part season finale of Doctor Who's fifth season was pretty damn marvelous. It was funny, thrilling, and touching in that way Steven Moffat seems to have perfected. It also tied in nicely with various bits from the rest of the season--not just with the Pandorica that River Song mentioned in "Flesh and Stone," or with the cracks in time that have been appearing throughout the season, or with certain characters from previous episodes showing up again, but with what was revealed to be the true nucleus of the season: Amy Pond. And to a certain extent Rory, who turned out to be a heck of a lot more than the new Mickey.

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