June 30th, 2010



Louis C.K., last seen on television as Amy Poehler's police officer love interest on Parks and Recreation, is back with his own new sitcom on FX, Louie, which premiered last night with a block of two back-to-back episodes.

I'm one of the few people who liked his brief HBO sitcom Lucky Louie. The series itself wasn't always very good--though it had its moments--but the reason I liked it was chiefly because of him. Not only is he funny, he comes across as very decent, very human and very relatable. (It also helps that he looks just like someone everyone knows--for me, it's a beefier version of jack_yoniga.) Louie on FX is different from Lucky Louie, a little looser in its episodic structure, a little freer, and charged with the spontaneous energy that comes from improvisation. It's also a lot funnier. It's rare that I laugh out loud at a sitcom, but I couldn't stop during the first episode's date sequence. It was pitch-perfect in its awkward awfulness. (The second episode was much darker, funnier in a different way, and could have easily been its own a short film.)

This is definitely a sitcom for grownups. Neither Louis C.K. nor FX plays it safe. Adult language (the word "shit" is used quite often, but other, harsher expletives are bleeped), nudity (a brief shot of Louie's butt crack as he scowls at his aging body in the mirror) and frank discussions of sex (too many to mention) abound, and it's all handled with wit and, at times, an unexpected amount of charm.

Frankly, I loved it. The TV Nerd says give Louie a shot!