June 24th, 2010


Book Sale

There comes a sad time in every book-lover's life when he or she runs out of shelf space. That time has come upon me again, as it seems to every few years, and I need to clear some space.

So, to that end, I'm selling off some books. I've put them up on Half.com because it's just plain easier that way. Some are hardcover, some are paperback, some are signed by the author or editor, and they're all either in pristine or near-pristine condition.

Many are going for as little as 75¢.

Click through and see if anything strikes your fancy.

Oh, and all you authors out there, if you happen to see one of your books for sale, please don't take it personally. It doesn't mean I didn't love your book, it just means I had to make some hard choices in order to create more space on my bookshelves.

So go! Buy books!