June 20th, 2010


Doctor Who: "The Hungry Earth"/"Cold Blood"

Now these episodes I liked! In fact, there was quite a lot to love about this two-parter: Matt Smith's Doctor channeling Troughton and Pertwee without mugging too much (though I still sometimes feel like he's talking with his mouth full--thank goodness for closed captioning!), Amy actually getting to do stuff and be clever, Rory continuing to be awesome, a mature and suspenseful story with a good sense of humor at the appropriate times, and a familiar adversary I remember fondly from the old days. There was a certain subtle slyness to the production too, especially in its use of music reminiscent of the score to Planet of the Apes, that I appreciated.

I just wish we'd found out why bodies were being stolen out of the cemetery. As grace notes go, it's a good one, I just wish it had served a purpose to the plot.

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