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June 1st, 2010

More CHASING THE DRAGON Reviews [Jun. 1st, 2010|09:50 am]
International Bon Vivant and Raconteur
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Suddenly they're popping up like weeds! Here are two more great Chasing the Dragon reviews:

Kaufmann provides a coherent, culturally credible mythos drawing on a eclectic range of traditions for this dragon story....This is an intense little novella that packs quite a punch....and possesses the essential quality of page-turnability....Chasing The Dragon is a novel take on one of the oldest monster stories we tell ourselves. It is refreshing to read of a dragonslayer that belongs more in a Tarantino movie than in some kind of quasi-medieval epic. Perhaps the dragon won't take over from the vampire as the favoured monster of best-selling horror fiction, but it is good to think that it is rejoining the horror menagerie. -- SF Site

The strongest element here is the pacing, as the 133 pages fly past like a soaring dragon....Overall Chasing the Dragon is an entertaining way to spend a couple hours. -- Robert Morrish's Twilight Ridge blog

I feel very lucky that so far the reviews have been uniformly good. Well, PW didn't like it much, but still, everyone else has, and it's very gratifying. I didn't know if Chasing the Dragon would be able to match the widespread critical acclaim that my 2007 chapbook General Slocum's Gold achieved--that seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime lightning strike to me--but it looks like it's well on its way to recapturing some of that Slocum magic. Phew! *wipes sweat from brow*

Anyway, copies of Chasing the Dragon are still available from Amazon or your favorite bookseller!
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