May 6th, 2010


Saying Goodbye to TREME

I think I'm done watching Treme, HBO's new series about New Orleans life in the months after Hurricane Katrina. For all the immense acting talent on display and all the great writing, there just aren't any character arcs or plotlines that grip me. I feel like I've been watching it more out of habit than anything else.

The weird thing is, I feel kind of guilty about it, like I'm supposed to like Treme. Not just because it comes from the folks who brought us Homicide and The Wire, two of the greatest television series ever broadcast, and not just because I could follow actors like John Goodman, Wendell Pierce and Clarke Peters to the ends of the Earth, but also because part of me feels like not watching is akin to turning my back on New Orleans or some shit. It's nuts. It's also wrong.

Truth is, I love New Orleans, but I'm just not that crazy about Treme.