April 14th, 2010


Another Great HUNT AT WORLD'S END Review

The Occult Detective--a.k.a. Bob Freeman--has posted a rave review of Hunt at World's End on his blog. Here's a snippet of what he had to say:

"Author Nicholas Kaufmann writes with a tireless ferocity creating a fast-paced narrative that invokes the spirit of the masters who came before. Kaufmann brings Gabriel Hunt to life and firmly establishes him as a character worthy of becoming a successor to the pulp heroes of yesterday."

That means a lot to me, coming from somebody who was raised on a diet of Dent, Howard and Burroughs! Thanks, Occult Detective Bob!

Tom Baker, Back In the Scarf!

Do you miss Tom Baker as the Doctor? I do. But now you can see him back in action, reprising the role of the Doctor in these commercial spots for a New Zealand insurance company in 1997. God, this makes me impatient to see him show up again in an anniversary episode! How about "The Eleven Doctors" in 2013? Pretty please?

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