March 4th, 2010



I've got a cold. Not a terrible one like my superflu of 2007, but it's annoying enough to make me grumpy and want to rip my nose off my face.

And yet, despite being in a haze of DayQuil delirium all day, I did not veg out in front of an endless parade of DVDs like I usually do when I'm sick. I was actually productive and got things done. Ran some errands, communicated repeatedly with an ebay buyer looking for ways around the exorbitant international delivery costs (note to self: next time only sell things domestically on ebay), sent off the three review copies of Hunt at World's End I gave away on this blog yesterday (note to recipients: Purell), and even did some revisions on a troublesome chapter (I always find revisions easier and more enjoyable than rough drafting anyway).

Yay me!

And now, time to veg in front of the TV.