February 9th, 2010


The Trivia King is Supreme!

First place, mofos! Team Totally Tits is now a seven-time winner!

As usual, we only did so-so on the first round, the Grab Bag of random questions, good but not great. The second round was a spelling bee, so I told the others on the team to sit back and let me take the reins, since spelling is a strength of mine. We got a nearly perfect score. I only missed "carburetor" and "onomatopoeia," two words I never use anyway.

The third round, the visual round, was a map of Central and South America, requiring the names of the countries as answers. I had very little to offer, geography not being my forte, but substitute team member Dana knew it all from her current Spanish class. I think we only got one answer wrong on that one.

Round four was Musicians in Movies, which we rocked. I was especially pleased to show off my knowledge of Krush Groove. Then, round five was '80s Movies, wherein lengthy dialogue clips were played from movies and we have to answer with the title of the film and, more challengingly, the year it was released. We pretty much aced that one too, though missed an obvious clip from Fletch.

So now we're seven-time winners, a record for Bar Great Harry's team trivia series, and I am the proud, one-month owner of the trophy, which is currently standing on my kitchen table.

We return on Monday, March 8, to see if we can retain the title!

It's Back to the Slush with Me!

My good friends leethomas, nihilistic_kid, bev_vincent and a host of others are on the planning committee for the World Horror Convention 2011 in Austin, Texas, and so I gladly told them I'd be up for helping out any way I can. Perhaps I spoke too soon, because they've made me one of the judges for their short story contest!

Black Static Magazine and WHC 2011 Short Story Contest:

In conjunction with Black Static Magazine, we are proud to announce the World Horror Convention 2011 Short Story Contest. Writers from around the world will be able to submit their most engaging and terrifying short fiction to our judging panel for the chance to have their story published.

And we do mean published! The winning entry will appear in the collectible WHC 2011 Souvenir Book, alongside work by Sarah Langan, Joe Hill, Steve Niles, Peter Crowther, Joe R. Lansdale, Brian Keene and other top genre names. In addition to appearing in the Souvenir Book, the winning entry will be republished in Black Static Magazine and will be paid industry professional standard of .05 per word.

What's most exciting about this contest is that the winning story will be published twice, once in the collectable souvenir book and then again in the U.K.'s superb magazine Black Static for professional rates, both of which should result in the winner getting quite a bit of good exposure. All the contest details can be found at the link above, but here's the skinny:
+ you have to buy a membership to the convention before you can submit a story
+ contest starts August 31, 2010, and ends October 31, 2010
+ stories should be 500-4,000 words
+ submissions will have all author information stripped from them before being sent to the judges
+ the contest judges are myself, Mary SanGiovanni, Weston Ochse and Wrath James White

WHC 2011 is shaping up to be the best World Horror Convention in ages. You won't want to miss it! And if you're planning to attend, why not submit a short story to the contest too? With the deadline still most of the year away, there's plenty of time for you to come up with something extraordinary!

No Sleep Till TriBeCa

Very fun time tonight at the Mysterious Bookshop in downtown Manhattan with pgtremblay, who was in town with fellow Beantown crime writer Dave Zeltserman for a reading. As usual, it was a Tremblay drive-by, popping in and out of the city in record time, but I'm glad I was able to meet up with him early, even if it did result in a mile-long wild goose chase in search of food before the reading. My friend David Wellington joined us, and my girlfriend swung by too. Saw some familiar faces at the reading as well--it was almost like all the KGB Bar regulars were there.

Paul signed a brand spanking new copy of No Sleep Till Wonderland for me, got me fat and happy on barbecued ribs afterwards, and then disappeared, ghostlike, into the night.

Then, when I got back to Brooklyn, I saw that Snowpocalypse 2010 had begun. Goodbye, world! It was nice knowing you!