January 5th, 2010


Where the Jobs Are Now

Just a heads up: My good friend Joe Watson's latest book, Where the Jobs Are Now: The Fastest-Growing Industries and How to Break Into Them, is now available from McGraw-Hill. And given our current 10% national unemployment rate, not a moment too soon. If you or someone you know is looking to break into an industry that can provide job stability even in nasty economic downturns, whether it's a wholesale career change or just translating your existing skills to a new field, I highly recommend checking out this book. Joe knows what he's talking about.

Who's Reading Us?

Quite often as writers we wonder who is reading our books. Sure, we know friends and family members are eagerly cracking those spines, but what about people outside our circles? People we don't know who picked up the book because the synopsis sounded good to them, or they were intrigued by the cover art, or maybe they just needed something to pass the time on a long train ride--who are these people, we wonder? Do they even exist?

Well, here's something neat. Back when Hunt at World's End came out in October, series editor Charles Ardai invited everyone on the Gabriel Hunt mailing list to send in a photo of themselves reading the book, preferably decked out in suitable adventure garb. In return, he promised to email them advance PDF copies of the next book in the series, Hunt Beyond the Frozen Fire.

It seems several folks took him up on the offer, and now Charles has posted this veritable rogue's gallery of readers on the Gabriel Hunt website.

How cool is that? Visual evidence that people are actually reading the novel, and not a single one of them a family member or friend! It's not very often that a writer gets to see this kind of thing, and boy is it a treat. (As I'm sure you already know, writers have very needy egos that demand constant validation.)

By the way, Charles' offer still stands. You can still send a picture of yourself reading Hunt at World's End--or any of the Gabriel Hunt novels, including Hunt at the Well of Eternity and Hunt Through the Cradle of Fear--to AdventuresOfGabrielHunt AT gmail DOT com. Why not? It's a win-win situation. You get a free advance PDF of Hunt Beyond the Frozen Fire, co-written by Gabriel Hunt and Christa Foust, and I get to see what you look like!

Kirkus Reviews Not Dead After All?

Back in early December, I blogged about the imminent demise of the venerable old trade magazine Kirkus Reviews.

Well, it's too early to tell how things will work out, but Publishers Weekly is reporting that Kirkus Reviews isn't resting in eternal repose quite yet. Apparently they're working on a last-minute arrangement with a potential buyer. In the meantime, the magazine, which had originally scheduled its closing for the end of 2009, is now planning to publish through February as they try to finalize the acquisition. They're also asking publishers to continue sending them galleys.

More as the story develops, and fingers crossed that Kirkus pulls through!