December 29th, 2009


Hunt Around the Web

Some reviews of my novel Hunt at World's End have appeared in various spots around the intertubes. It's always nice to see people enjoying something I wrote and sharing their opinions with others. Word of mouth is extremely important in bookselling, just as important as national advertising campaigns and media blitzes, albeit somewhat slower in its momentum. Still, these reviews have put a smile on my face this cold December morning.

brandlepack on LiveJournal had this to say: I finally got a chance to read Hunt at World's End by Nick Kaufmann. Freaking fantastic. It's pulpy, and totally entertaining from start to finish so that when I put it down I decided two things: (1) I'd check out more of Nick's work (this is the only thing of his I've read) and (2) Hunt was totally worth the dough. Buy it.

A fellow named Eric at GoodReads was slightly less enthusiastic, giving the novel only two stars despite admitting that he liked it: Overall I'm enjoying these pulpy adventure novels. I only wish that Gabriel Hunt would be less Indiana Jones and more Doc Savage.

Over at Amazon, Anthony R. Cardno gave it five stars and a lengthy review, mentioning how much he enjoyed the original characters I created for this adventure, including unusual love interest Joyce Wingard, and ending with this rave: Another fine entry in what is fast becoming one of my favorite book series.

Also at Amazon, Brien Master gave it five stars too, saying: I have read all three of the books in the Gabriel Hunt series and I have found them all to be a blast. At World's End in particular captures the breakneck pace and globe trotting action that proper serial-style adventure heroes deal with on a regular basis....The action, riddles, traps, and treasures are all wonderfully produced. I think I read this in about two days. The book is a lot of fun and I cannot wait to read the next installment!

All very nice--even if the book isn't Doc Savage enough!

As I mentioned, word of mouth is extremely important for a book's success. So if you have read and enjoyed Hunt at World's End, why not take a moment to write it up in your blog? Gabriel and I would be most grateful. Which reminds me, I need to give Gabriel a call and see how he's doing. Last I heard he was tied up with some ruffians in Antarctica--and I do mean tied up!--and telling author Christa Faust all about it for the next book.