December 27th, 2009


Doctor Who: "The End of Time, Part One"

I was so overstimulated after watching "The End of Time, Part One," Saturday night, the third of four 2009 Doctor Who specials taking the place of a regular season, that I couldn't even write about it until now. Overstimulated not just because there was a lot going on--and there was, an awful lot, sometimes overwhelmingly so--but because I loved all of it. I was a giddy fanboy bouncing on my couch the whole time. It was all my girlfriend could do to keep me from accidentally crashing through the window.

You won't find any spoilers here, for the sake of those in the States without BBC America who have to wait for DVD, but it's inevitable that spoilers will appear in the comments. Proceed there at your own risk.

While there are a few things to take issue with, mostly regarding the villain (his resurrection is brought about by unexplained magical blue potions like something out of Harry Potter or a Hammer Satanism film? And now he's gonna fly around like Iron Man? Really, you guys?) and some super-lame looking green cactus aliens like rejects from the 1980 serial "Meglos," about a shapeshifting cactus monster, I was pretty much swept away by the whole episode. It's filled with lines to die for--"Got married. That was a mistake"; "I thought it would be cleaner"--the reappearance of old and much missed characters, and lots of cosmic threat. Basically everything a season-ender should be, with an added air of "Logopolis"-like foreboding because we all know David Tennant is stepping down from the role after part two airs next weekend.

The cliffhanger had me howling with laughter. That is, until the show said, "No, no, no, my friend, that isn't the cliffhanger. This is," and then my jaw hit the floor and I spent the rest of the night wandering aimlessly around my apartment wishing the second part would air right the fuck now.

January 2nd can't come fast enough--except that it'll be the last episode to star an actor who has become as iconic in the role as Tom Baker was. Ah, such a delicious melange of anticipation and trepidation!

I wonder if Blondie McBlonderson will show up again.