October 30th, 2009


Interviewed by Fear Zone

An interview with me conducted by Fear Zone editor Greg Lamberson is now live at the site.

Read it if you dare, and discover for yourself:

The astounding time my grade school teacher caught me writing a story instead of paying attention, snatched it away and read it out loud in front of the WHOLE CLASS!

The secret too madness-inducing to ever tell before about what it was like to work with Charles Ardai on Hunt at World's End!

The mind-blowing role the band Trivium played in the genesis of Chasing the Dragon!

The startling reason I can't write high fantasy!

The shocking truth about why I don't go to online horror message boards!

The terrifying explanation as to why, after thirteen years, I'm not a member of the Horror Writers Association anymore!

Do you dare click the link and behold the author interview that witnesses madness?