October 22nd, 2009


John Langan, Michael Cisco and the KGB

Last night I went to my first KGB Fantastic Fiction night in months to hear jplangan and Michael Cisco read. John read an excerpt from House of Windows, and if the rest of the novel is anything like what I heard, I know I'm going to love it. If I haven't said it before, John Langan is one of the best new voices in horror working today, an intelligent and literate author who infuses his work with a wonderfully creepy atmosphere.

Michael Cisco read from his story in the just-released Lovecraft Unbound anthology. I've never heard Michael read his work aloud before, and he was outstanding. His tenor and gesticulations made it a compelling experience, as did the strength of his work itself. I've long meant to read more of his work, and last night reminded me to get on it.

Also, ellen_datlow's camera briefly malfunctioned and wound up taking a smudgy picture of me that looked so super-creepy that I'm tempted to make it my new author photo! (Unfortunately, she didn't include it in her Flickr set of photos from the evening.)

Afterward, a delightful meal at Grand Sichuan, where I got to sit next to teratologist and have a nice conversation with her, something that happens all to infrequently, as well as directly across the table from nojojojo, who continues to be an awesome human being, and Helen Pilinovsky, who I'm very happy is back in New York!