September 15th, 2009


The Trivia King Does Meh, Again

Last night, 12th place out of a whopping, unprecedented 19 teams. Team Totally Tits was at a handicap again this month by being cut down to only two players, but at least we didn't totally embarrass ourselves in the end. For a while there, we were tied for second to last place!

The first and second rounds, Grab Bag and War, stymied us and left us with 17 points total. Not an auspicious start. We came back big time in the visual round, which required us to identify the winning hand or hands in 10 different illustrated Texas Hold Em scenarios, but pretty much everyone did well in that round. Round four, WDTSF?, involved figuring out what certain established acronyms stand for (NASA, NCAA, etc.), and we did all right. Same with the audio round, "Love" Songs, where we had to identify the title and performer of the songs we heard short clips of, the only clue being that each song title had the word "love" in it.

I pushed our score up by immediately identifying "Love My Way" by the Psychedelic Furs and "Look of Love" by ABC--thanks '80s childhood!--but since most teams did well on this round too, it didn't advance us as far as it should have.

Coming in 12th out of 19 is unacceptable for a 5-time champion team like mine, so we're returning on Monday, October 12 to see if we can't do better. Hopefully we'll be back up to our full roster as well.