September 14th, 2009


"Worship him, bitches!"

Oh, True Blood, I hate when you leave me hanging. Especially when your cliffhanger is more interesting in its five-second action than I found this season's major story arc to be.

After an incredibly strong start, and a plotline that brought the marvelous Alexander Skarsgard to the forefront as Eric, things burned out fast on the Maryann front, at least for me. Michelle Forbes was great in the role, but the problem, at least as I saw it, was that the whole maenad story arc was one of diminishing returns, until by the end we had a cliché ritual scene right out of a 1980s direct-to-video horror movie about Satanism and a villain who suddenly can't tell the difference between a god she's trying to summon and a shapeshifting human that she's desperate to kill as a sacrifice--a bait and switch the show had actually done already just a few episodes earlier when Jason (Ryan Kwanten, who continues to steal every scene he's in) took a turn pretending to be the horned god. Still, it remained a satisfying end to what I thought was a weak story arc because it at least allowed the characters to do what they do best.

Strangely, we then had fifteen-twenty minutes of character wrap up after the plotline came to an end. And I kind of liked it! The only thing we didn't get to see was Tara (Rutina Wesley) reunited with her troubled mother, and I would have liked to see that, but instead we get Eggs (Mehcad Brooks) who, though an interesting character with potential, was never really given much to do except have his eyes CGI'd black, get it on and do the stabby-stabby, and so it was as if the writers decided to just wrap up his story entirely instead of saving him for some good season three use. A shame.

Then there's Nelsan Allis as Lafayette, who continues to light up the show, and always gets the best lines (like this entry's subject line, spoken during the climactic sacrifice scene)--or at least the best lines that Jason doesn't. Forget Sookie and Bill, how about the Lafayette and Eric show? With lots of guest appearances by Deborah Ann Woll's charmingly messed up teenage vampire Jessica, please!

I'm trying to avoid spoilers here, so I won't go into details about the cliffhanger but it does make me wonder who's involved. Eric? Evan Rachel Wood's Sophie-Ann? Another nutjob from the Fellowship of the Sun? Or maybe some new threat that will take over the season? Time will tell, but I have to admit, I'm already more excited about it than I ever was about the Maryann arc.