August 31st, 2009


Another Blurb

I just received another wonderful blurb for Chasing the Dragon, this time from the exceptionally talented jplangan:

"Nicholas Kaufmann's Chasing the Dragon begins with the gas pedal pushed to the floor, the engine roaring, the tires singing on the road, and does not slow down. An ancient monster, reanimated corpses, psychic visions, family legacies, blood and mayhem: Kaufmann gleefully piles horror trope on horror trope as his narrative tracks its protagonist's desperate pursuit of a killer. It is in his portrait of Georgia Quincey, though, his all-too-human heroine, that Kaufmann's gifts as a writer shine forth. A woman struggling--not always successfully--with the weight of her responsibility, the toll it has taken on her, Georgia keeps Chasing the Dragon grounded. This novella confirms the promise of Nicholas Kaufmann's General Slocum's Gold, even as it promises better things still." -- John Langan, author of House of Windows and Mr. Gaunt and Other Uneasy Encounters

Thank you, John!

Just a reminder, you still have just a little bit of time left to pre-order the lovely limited edition hardcover, which is being published by ChiZine Publications this December, from Horror Mall.

Wow, I Won Another One!

This time it's for horror novel blogging. Last time it was for fantasy novel blogging. Because I've won two of them now, it really makes me wonder just what the criteria are for this award!

Still, now I feel like I have to prove myself worthy as an award-winning horror blogger, so here's my take on Entertainment Weekly's top 20 best and worst horror movie villains. (Yes, I know it's movies and not novels, but movies are the new mythology now, not novels, and besides, this is fun. Also, many of their choices were in novels first, so there.)

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