August 17th, 2009


Yesterday's D&D Character

Horus Nimblefingers -- a thief with a secret!

I figure if you're born with the last name Nimblefingers, your career path is pretty much laid out for you. Kind of like if you're named Jeeves. Or Igor.

At least Horus (that's Mr. Nimblefingers if you're nasty) survived the adventure. The same cannot be said of Fred Van Lente's first character, Bork the not-orc, who met his untimely demise in a glass chamber full of acid, or Alex Lencicki's character, Lucius Grossbart, who was attacked by a giant bat because he forgot that even though he drank a potion of invisibility, bats can locate objects by sonar.

Only Horus Nimblefingers, Petra "I have no last name", Van Zataran Jr. (totally badass thief) and Fred's replacement character, Rutabaga Luminto Jones III, the Jerry Lewisesque archivist of the Thieves Guild, survived the adventure in the wizard's house.

And don't forget, you can follow along with what happened via Fred Van Lente's valiant live Tweeting. "We could always hang the imp sack from the roof."