August 8th, 2009


Get a Free Copy of HUNT AT WORLD'S END!

From Charles Ardai, editor and creator of the Gabriel Hunt series, comes this offer for a free electronic copy of Hunt at World's End, the exciting adventure by Gabriel Hunt as told to, well, me:

Gabriel Hunt's second adventure, Hunt Through the Cradle of Fear, is now in bookstores everywhere (except those bookstores where all the copies have been snapped up -- if yours is one of those, you can always get a copy directly from Dorchester Publishing by calling 1-800-481-9191). [There's also an excerpt from Hunt at World's End in the back of the book. -- NK] Reviewers have called it "the literary equivalent of a summer blockbuster," a "must read," "pulp fiction at its best," and "a perfect popcorn book." If you haven't read it yet, now's the perfect time to hunt down a copy.

Why? Well, Gabriel's third adventure -- Hunt at World's End, which takes Gabriel from New York to Borneo before depositing him in the Kalahari Desert -- won't be in stores until the end of October...but it's wending its way through the publishing process, and I managed to snag an early electronic copy. "Early" means there are still a handful of typos in it that hadn't been caught and corrected yet (never fear, they will be)...but for anyone who hates the idea of waiting three more months to find out what happens next to Gabriel, getting an early electronic copy will be like finding one of those lost treasures Gabriel's always after.

And what do you have to do to get this treasure? Very simple: Read Hunt Through the Cradle of Fear, post a review of the book somewhere online (for instance,, or your own blog if you have one, or a mailing list you participate in), and e-mail a link to the review or a copy of it to I'll reply by e-mail with a copy of Hunt at World's End attached to my message (in pdf format, 1mb in size, for those of you interested in such technical matters).

Needless to say, the file I send you is for your reading pleasure alone -- not to be forwarded by e-mail to friends or posted online anywhere. But I know I can trust you to keep Gabriel's secrets. He trusts you, after all...

Charles Ardai