May 20th, 2009


Life and Death in the World of the TV Nerd

Thanks to fellow TV Nerd Michael Ausiello and his Fall TV Cheat Sheet, we can take a sneak peek into the future and see which network TV shows will be coming back next year and which won't. Below are the standings for your humble TV Nerd's favorite shows this season, as well as for some shows I checked out for an episode but didn't stick with because they just weren't my thing:

Better Off Ted - Renewed! Yay! This absurd office comedy grew on me quickly, and I'm happy to see it'll be back.
Castle - Renewed! This is great news! Mystery-of-the-week shows are a dime a dozen, but this one felt special.
Life on Mars - Canceled earlier this season and given a rushed, ridiculous resolution. I don't even want to talk about it.
Lost - Renewed! The final season is going to be insane!
Scrubs - Renewed! Which is weird, because they already had their series finale. Also weird is the fact that Zach Braff will reportedly only be in six episodes.

Harper's Island - Canceled! I hope they still show all 13 episodes of this season's mystery, though. I need to know who the killer is!
The Mentalist - Renewed! I hope the writing gets better in season 2.
Worst Week - Canceled! I couldn't watch more than one episode of this painfully bad show. I'm surprised it lasted all season.
(Also, CBS canceled Eleventh Hour. Sorry, glvalentine.)

Dollhouse - Miraculously renewed! I didn't like this show and didn't watch it after the pilot. But congrats to all you folks out there who kept watching it "because it's so bad." With your help, it came back! See what happens when you don't watch TV responsibly?
Family Guy - Renewed! Yay!
Fringe - Renewed! See paragraph above about Dollhouse, repeat word for word but replace the title.
The Simpsons - Renewed for season 9,023,845,709!
Sit Down, Shut Up - Not officially canceled yet, but as good as. Boy did this show suck.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Canceled! Boooooo!

30 Rock - Renewed! Yay! Best comedy on TV!
Chuck - Miraculously renewed! I'm so happy about it - I love this show!
Heroes - Renewed! Why?
Kath & Kim - Canceled! I watched one episode and almost couldn't finish it. A one-way ticket to Sucktown.
Law & Order: SVU - Renewed! Why? Is anyone still watching it? Even I stopped!
My Name is Earl - Canceled! I did not expect that. I like this show, and it was recovering nicely from last season's gaffes (don't put the main character in a coma for half the season, people!). It's being shopped to Fox and ABC, so maybe it'll find a new home. If not...goodbye, Crab Man.
The Office - Renewed! Yay! Season of pregnancy, which you know will only bring out the even-crazier in Dwight!
Parks and Recreation - Renewed! Let's hope it finds its voice in season 2.
(NBC also officially canceled Kings. Sorry, four people I know who loved it.)

The CW
Reaper - Canceled! Booooo! This fun show was just hitting its stride with the much improved season 2. Ah well.
Smallville - Renewed! I'm tempted to ask why, but after the season finale that revealed the existence of Kandor, the miniaturized, saved Kryptonian city, I'm a little excited about next season. Also, bring back Lex Luthor already.

There you have it, the fate of the TV Nerd's favorite shows. How are yours faring?