May 11th, 2009


Doctor Who: "Planet of the Dead"

Once again, special thanks to bev_vincent for the sneak peek at "Planet of the Dead," the first of four 2009 Doctor Who specials that are taking the place of a regular season.

You won't find any spoilers here, but I have to mention that there's an awesome, awesome reference to the giant robot from the 1974 serial "Robot," the first Tom Baker Who story! Also a new character, Malcolm, a UNIT scientist, whom I hope we see a lot more of, and who gets additional points for referencing Bernard Quatermass.

This episode also features another woman who can't resist smooching the Doctor, which I think at this point has become a tiresome trope and needs to be rethought. However, she's an interesting character -- a superthief! -- and is played by Michelle Ryan, whom we last saw in Steven Moffat's much-missed Jekyll and, of course, the short-lived Bionic Woman revamp.

Great creepiness at the end too, with the psychic bus passenger Carmen telling the Doctor that someone or something is "returning through the dark" for him, and "he will knock four times." Shivers!

A fun fact: "Planet of the Dead" marks the 200th Doctor Who story, which is why the bus they're all on is called "the 200."

The Trivia King is the Winner of the Losers

Five-time champions Team Totally Tits came in second tonight, despite a strong showing. We had a perfect Visual Round, identifying 30 NFL teams by their logos as well as identifying which two teams had been left out, and a near-perfect Audio Round, identifying the title and performer of 20 "girl pop" songs. Ironically it was teammate Dave who singlehandedly conquered both the sports and girl pop rounds.

One of the rounds tonight was Fictional High, wherein we had to answer questions about the high schools in various TV shows and movies. It really sank in that I was exactly the wrong age to have watched Saved By the Bell, and so was completely useless during this round.

We return Monday, June 8th, to see if we can take back the trophy for a sixth time!