April 28th, 2009


How Many Sharks Can One TV Show Jump, Heroes?

This just in:

After three episodes, CBS is moving struggling mystery thriller Harper's Island from Thursdays to Saturday nights starting May 2, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

That's pretty much the kiss of death for this show, though CBS claims it's still planning to air the remaining episodes through the July 11 finale. I hope this is true, but I suspect there might be issues. After all, NBC recently relocated Kings to Saturdays only to have it come in dead last in the ratings on its new night, and so now Kings has been yanked entirely and ostensibly pushed back to summer, though it remains to be seen if they'll even bother. (Sorry, glvalentine and the other four people across the nation who love Kings.)

I hope this doesn't happen to Harper's Island, mainly because I don't want to face the embarrassment of having to rent the DVDs just to find out who the killer is on this cheesy nighttime slasher soap. But if I have to, I will. Because I kind of love Harper's Island despite how ridiculous it is. Kind of like the five people who love Kings.


In other news: Oh, Heroes, you've done some crazy, stupid shit in your time, but the finale's big plot twist was crazier than crazy and stupider than stupid! By now this show has jumped so many sharks, it's not even funny. Is it even coming back next season?

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