April 14th, 2009


The Trivia King Regains The Crown!

Team Totally Tits won! We won! Tonight was our fourth win overall, and the first in nearly half a year. It felt so gratifying to win again.

What pushed us over the top? Round 4: Vampires. I grabbed the answer sheet, got my pen ready and told my teammates they could chill. Got twelve out of fifteen right. In some cases I was already writing the answer down before they finished asking the question.

Team Totally Tits is back, baby! We return to Bar Great Harry Monday, May 11 to defend our title!


Last night's episode of Heroes was possibly the stupidest in its three-year history. Poorly written, poorly thought out, and just to add a cherry on top of this sundae of suck, it all added up to a big zilch.

I think I'm done with this show.