April 4th, 2009


THE STATE OF THE GENRE: Another Kind of J-Horror


See Nick Read. Read, Nick, Read.

You may remember back on February 19th, I took part in the In the Flesh Reading Series at the Happy Ending Lounge in NYC for Susie Bright Night, in honor of the book X: The Erotic Treasury. I read some non-dirty parts from my dirty story "Comeback," which went over pretty well.

And now you can see for yourself! The readings were recorded that night, divvied up by reader, and posted individually to YouTube. You can watch me read here, if you're so inclined. Video's about five minutes long, and probably not work safe.

I can't watch it myself. I get kind of freaked out and hypercritical when I see and hear myself like that. Stupid, I know, but it's a thing. Anyway, I hope it's as much fun to watch as it was for me to read that night!